Friday, October 1, 2010


Slavery comes in many different forms. Possessions, status, judgment, lust, and power to name a few. Generally you are a slave to your own desires. The desires of this plain. If you look through history, it is plain to see the desires of this realm are never, nor can they ever be, fulfilled.
In our body/temple where our spirit is suppose to reside is constantly pushed out(in the old testament this is called forsaking)to fulfill our human desires. Each time you obtain what you desire another desire kicks in. Most likely you found, as I have, no true fulfillment with what you obtained. What would you call this? I call it slavery! Through our teachings at home and in school, on TV, and with the community, you find that you are constantly being to find fulfillment on this plain but nothing does it. There is never enough.
Here in the US, our children become wards of the state. Why? Because there is not enough or I have to prove myself and the parents leave the home and community to find more. How else can you make the standard of living? Unfortunately, this consciousness negates our creator/God.
Historically man has continually moved away from our Father the creator. Turned our backs on him. Why not? Weren't we made in the likeness. Even though there are thousands of paths to return to the creator, there are millions to turn away. Distractions some call them but I call them desires. Desire of this plain becomes the task master to keep you here and disconnected. The Spirit of God is overshadowed by desires and inevitably keeps you from the land of milk& honey so to speak.
Across our lands there is famine, pestilence, sickness, plague, lack, and no community. You may take an hour or two a week to remember your creator but you forget right after because you believe you are the master. Your not. You say you have free will but you don't. You sold it. The task master of desire uses a more deadly weapon. Your mind.
Now not only are you enslaved but so are your children. Your children are following your paths of desire. It's not like this at the moment a child is born because the first breath taken in is the breath that God blows the spirit into the child. The child is pure. After that it becomes the parents responsibility to guide the child. If you are in slavery, conscious or unconscious, nine times out of ten that is what will be taught. I know I was there.
So after all that how do you escape the world of slavery? It starts with surrendering. Start of slowly. When you wake up in the morning, give thanks for another day full of opportunity to surrender your will to the will of the Creator. Before go to sleep at night give thanks for all that has happened no matter how you view it. Talk to the Creator. The Creator does listen and responds. If you don't like the response, surrender your will and ask how this will help. Know everything that comes before you has a reason. This may take take sometime and a part of you will constantly challenge God but this is something you need to overcome.
Becoming enslaved doesn't happen overnight it happens over time. It takes you to step up, bow down, and surrender to the one and only will that matters. The will of the Creator/God.
The Creator's Love, Peace, and Blessings
The Light From Within Ministries
Reverend Ronald A. McKee

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Cry In The Wilderness

My brothers and sisters, I have awoken and am lost in this wilderness. What happened to the Eagle, Mountain Lion, Wolf, and the Mother. Please hear me! Grandfather, where did my Nation go? I do not understand why I can not drink out of the streams anymore. Water is life.
I have followed many paths and still I feel lost. Please my brothers hear me. I must return home to be with my family again. It has been a long time, like a dream I could not wake up out of. Now the awakening is upon me and I reach for my brothers. My name is Many Rivers Running. There is a time upon us where we need to be together again. I was sent away a long time ago to learn the way of the fire.
The fire lives in us and everything here. Please my brothers hear me! Grandfather, hear me!
It is time for me to return home but I am lost! If you can hear me, please answer me!

I write this on behalf of Many Rivers Running

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cleansing Prayer

In the name of my Heavenly Mother and Father, I rebuke all darkness from my life. I clear my vessel of all darkness and allow only the light.

Thoughts, memories, and past actions that are not of the light, are purged and purified. From this point forward I am an instrument for my Heavenly Parents delight.

Each step that is taken from this point on are in the light of my Heavenly Mother and Father.

My thoughts, words, and actions are of love and light. I do this today and everyday of my own free will.

Thank you for hearing me as you always do.


Ron McKee

Honoring Thy Heavenly Parents

Today is the day I honor my Heavenly Mother and Father.

I surrender myself to my Holy Parents which have born me into this life to serve in the light.

I honor and accept their unconditional love in myself, so I may share it with all.

I shall strive to be just like my parents, working through love and light, honoring all in great delight.

In the darkness, my parents have provided the light to explore the caverns everyday and night.

Through my surrender the darkness can only turn to light.


Ron McKee